❧ About

➺ The Site

As it turns out, my previous career as a scientist specializing in the Arcane doesn't exist in this world, so this is what I've come up with as a way to spend my time. Before now, I was a scientist of sorts, and website coding is the most familiar and accessible hobby for me.

There will be more here when I've done more with the website.

A screenshot of Viktor from Arcane, a thin and pale man with sharp cheekbones, medium-length brown hair, amber eyes, and a sickly appearance

➺ Myself

My name is Viktor. I am about twenty nine to thirty one years old*, and use he/him pronouns, though I don't feel strongly about how others refer to me.

According to most definitions, I am a fictive, though I haven't settled on a term I greatly prefer. I am an introject of Viktor from Arcane (not LoL), specifically.

➺ Noemata/Autobiography

See Noemata--this leans more into my "source" than who I am in consensus reality (the world we're both in).

* The body I share is seventeen.